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Unit price per square meter is one of the cheapest in Southeast Asia, and loan purchase is possible

Cheap unit price per square meter, about 1/3 of the price in central Tokyo

In Malaysia, where the price level is said to be about 1/3 of Japan, the real estate price is also about 1/3 of that in Japan.The unit price per square meter of general condominiums (condominiums) in the capital Kuala Lumpur (KL) is at a lower level than Thailand and the Philippines, where per capita GDP is much lower than in

The reason why Malaysia's property prices are cheap is that until around 2006, there were strict regulations on foreigners buying real estate, and there was not much inflow of foreign funds into the real estate market. Also, while Malaysia's land area is 331,000 km2, which is about 90% of Japan's (378,000 km2), its population as of 2014 is about 32.39 million, about 126.18 million people of Japan. Because it is one-fourth of the population, there is a lot of residential land and the land price is relatively cheap.

In addition, since Malaysia has almost no disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, the building and earthquake resistance standards are not as strict as in Japan, and the structure of buildings is relatively simple and construction costs are not high. It is not always the case that “property price = quality”.

A large number of sophisticated high-quality properties

Kuala Lumpur luxury condominiumDesigned and developed by advanced designers who studied in Europe and the United States and major developers who also handle famous hotelsIt has been. For that reason, there are many tasteful properties built with sophisticated designs.

In addition, the living space overflowing with European and American specifications is also attractive, and it is not uncommon for even one-bedroom units to be over 100m² in size, and it is common for ceiling heights to exceed 3m ( Japan is about 2.4m).

moreover,Even properties in the relatively affordable price range (around 30 million yen) are naturally equipped with 24-hour security gates, swimming pools, gyms, and children's playgrounds.In addition, there are many cases where tennis courts, basketball courts, barbecue areas, restaurants, etc. are also provided, so you can enjoy a higher class life than properties in the same price range in Japan.

Even foreigners can register in their own name, and it is OK to purchase a loan with real estate as collateral

In order to revitalize the real estate market in Malaysia, regulations were relaxed through the revision of the law in December 2006, and foreigners are encouraged to own real estate.It is the only Southeast Asian country where even foreigners living abroad can register any number of real estate purchased under their own name, regardless of whether it is a condominium or a detached

Also, although the degree of difficulty is increasing year by year, in MalaysiaEven foreigners can purchase with a loan secured by the target real estateTherefore, it is possible to make highly efficient real estate investments with leverage. In addition, it is a country where various expenses related to the acquisition, possession, residence, and sale of real estate, including property taxes, are cheap.Resident tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax are “zero”is.

Since Malaysia was a British colony for a long time, the laws and contracts are firmly established in accordance with British law standards, and there is almost no political risk, so it can be said that even foreigners can own real estate with peace of mind. I guess.

However, in Malaysia, in order to prevent the loss of houses where locals can live due to soaring prices of low-priced properties,In principle, foreigners can purchase properties of RM1 million (approximately 29 million yen) or more (partially varies depending on the region and property type)Note that it is limited to

Reference information: Regarding the minimum purchase price regulation for foreigners in Malaysian real estate

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