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Malaysia is the 'honor student of Southeast Africa'

Average annual economic growth of 5% over the past 30 years

Along with Singapore, Malaysia is known as the "honor student of Southeast Asia" because it has achieved exemplary development in the Asian economy. Aiming to become a developed country by 2020, the country has been industrializing since the early 1990s, and is also a resource-rich country that produces crude oil, natural gas, palm oil, and tin.Since 1990, the economy has recorded an annual average growth rate of over 5%, and the unemployment rate has hovered around 3% in recent years, maintaining almost full employment.doing.

Also, excessive inflation often hinders growth in emerging countries, but Malaysia has relatively stable politics and exchange rates.Inflation has remained at a moderate level of around 2% for many yearsdoing.

Ideal demographics with a high percentage of young people

Malaysia's population distribution by age isAn ideal pyramid shape with a high ratio of young people who will be the “foundation” for future economic growthIt is A large number of young people in their prime will lead to economic revitalization, of course.Current teens and 20s will be the real estate buyers in a few years to 10 years from now, so Malaysia's real estate needs are expanding year by yearIt is expected that we will continue to do so.

Abundant English-speaking human resources with superiority in the global economy

Malaysia is a multiethnic society with 67.4% Malays, 24.6% Chinese, and 7.3% Indians (2010 census). Therefore, although Malay became the official language in 1967, English and Chinese are also widely used as quasi-official languages as common languages of the multi-ethnic nation.

In fact, Education First (EF), a world-renowned language education institution, compiled a list of 106 countries and regions where English is not their native language.In the English proficiency ranking (2021 edition), Malaysia was ranked 3rd in the Asian region (28th in the world)It has been. Singapore, where English is used as the first language, and the Philippines, where English is the official language, lost top positions, but the superiority of securing personnel who are proficient in English has been proven, and the global economy where English is the common language. , their high English proficiency will be a major weapon in attracting investment from overseas.

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