TOMORROW is a professional company that provides Japanese-style services regarding Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior decoration, management, and operation. TOMORROW will fully support Malaysian company establishment, operation support, and tax consulting.

A company specializing in Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior design, and management.

Looking for apartments in Malaysia, office rentals, factory rentals, single-living apartments to luxury mansions, we support customers until they are satisfied.

Property Maintenance

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Private Lodging Management

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MM2H application support

World's No. 1 country to live in for 14 consecutive years

Japan is currently facing a variety of unsolvable challenges, such as declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, fiscal deficits, pension problems, the hollowing out of industry, and the possibility of a major earthquake. The burden of taxes and social security expenses is getting heavier year by year, and the sense of social stagnation is increasing.
Under such circumstances, Malaysia is gaining popularity as a destination for Japanese immigrants. In a survey by the Long Stay Foundation, Malaysia suppressed popular areas such as Australia and Hawaii, 14 years in a row (2006-2019), the country where Japanese people want to live "No.1 in the world"has been selected as There are other data that show the popularity of immigration to Malaysia, and the number of Japanese nationals who have obtained Malaysian long-stay visas (MM2H), which are valid for up to 10 years (renewable), has increased from 2002, when the system began, to 20186. With a cumulative total of 4,618 cases up to May, Japan ranks second only to China in country rankings.
Due to the impact of Corona from 2020, the number of applicants for MM2H has decreased for a while due to the border block, but with the reopening of the border in 2022, even if the Malaysian government upgrades to a new MM2H system with high conditions, people from all over the world Applicants were pouring in.

Application conditions for MM2H visa

MM2H visa application flow

MM2H visa acquisition cost

Benefits of the TOMORROW Group

Specially for customers using our MM2H application support:
● For customers who are proceeding at the same time as purchasing a propertyRM2000special discount service.
If you use our group's property management service at the same time,3 months free property managementservice.
●If you use our interior decoration service at the same time,Free washletsWe will service (* our designated brand).

Now Accepting Inquiries!!

We are always waiting for you.

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