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Malaysia is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia where foreigners can purchase and own landed houses

Malaysia is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia for real estate purchases by Japanese and foreigners. Stable economic growth, population growth, low risk of natural disasters, low prices, English-speaking countries, relatively cheap housing prices, etc., are not only popular for their optimal environment for living and investment.“The real estate market most open to foreigners in Southeast Asia”It is a factor that attracts the eyes of envy ■ Major countries in Southeast Asia・Comparison table of real estate regulations (for Japanese people living in Japan)
Buying and owning a house with land Condo Purchase/Ownership Housing loan Sales contract (English)
Singapore (Excluding some)
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*According to our research

Malaysia isIn order to revitalize the domestic real estate market, the December 2006 revision of the law further relaxed regulations and encouraged foreigners to own real estate as a national policy.doing. In order to prevent price rises, the purchase price of Malaysian real estate by foreigners is in principle at least 1 million ringgit (some states differ), and although there are minimum conditions such as obtaining the consent of the state government at the time of purchase, other than that It is very transparent and even foreigners can buy real estate under the same conditions as Malaysians. In addition, some major local banks allow even non-resident foreigners to take out loans of up to 50% of the property price.

While many other major Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, in principle prohibit foreigners from purchasing houses with land, Malaysia“Among the major Southeast Asian countries, it is one of the few countries where foreigners can legally purchase and own landed houses.”Being is one of the crucial differences.

again,In Malaysia, even non-resident foreigners can own as many landed properties, condominiums, etc. without purchase restrictions and register them in their own name.can. In addition, due to the long history of British colonialism, the legal and contractual aspects are firmly established in accordance with British legal standards, so there is a high sense of security, and there is almost no political risk. We have an environment where even English and foreigners can buy real estate with peace of mind.

Types of houses with land

There are mainly three types of houses with land in Malaysia: "bungalows", "semi-detached" and "link houses".there is. Among them, "Bungalow" is a dream property for Malaysians who want to live at least once. Also,Luxury houses with land have a "living block" that is separated from the outside by a wall, etc., and has a security gate with a 24-hour security guard.There are quite a few properties, and some properties come with a "golf membership".

A house with land that has a different livability from a condominium. In Malaysia,Not only can you expect mid- to long-term benefits such as rising real estate values, but you can also enjoy an open living space at a lower price than in Japan.can. Also, in Malaysia, there are many condominiums that do not allow pets such as dogs, so if you want to keep a pet, we recommend housing with land.


A detached house with a garden in Japan is called a "Bungalow", and the house is not adjacent to another owner's house, and it also has a large garden. Luxury bungalows are the most coveted property type for wealthy Malaysians. Also called a "detached house".


A “Semi-Detached House” is a property in which the walls of two houses meet (two houses in one house), and generally has a private garden, favored by wealthy Malaysians. Property. It is sometimes called "Semi-D" for short.

[link house]

A “Link House” is a tenement-style property in Japan, consisting of several houses connected to each other. Although preferred, there are many high-end rinkhouses. Although smaller than "semi-detached", there is also a type with a private garden in front and back of the building. It is also called a "terraced house".

For customers looking for a house with land

We make full use of our local network to individually guide the most suitable properties that meet the needs of customers who are considering housing with land.web form,E-mailor toll-free (+603-2775-9799), please visit the site and check it with your own eyes. (Japanese or local staff who can speak Japanese will accompany the inspection and provide guidance and various support)

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