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[Handpicked] Malaysian Property Developer Guide

When purchasing Malaysian real estate and condominiums,Select from among properties handled by excellent developers (development companies) with a wealth of development achievements and stable management conditionsIt would be nice to At our company, we will introduce only excellent properties developed by highly reliable major developers who have made a list by mobilizing the local network.

SP Setia

Listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange“Japan’s No. 1” Real Estate Development Company. We are mainly engaged in the development of townships, eco-environment, luxury housing, high-rise condominiums, commercial facilities, infrastructure construction, and processing of wood products.Acquired the most number of 1st places in the TPDA (Top Property Developer Awards), which selects the best domestic developers of the year. The management base is rock solid, the creditworthiness is high, and the brand value of the property is also high.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's first comprehensive environmental large-scale mixed-use development project is located on the riverside of the Klana River, about 5.6 km southwest of the central KLCC Park.KL Eco City” is being worked on. In addition, a high-rise luxury condominium "Setia Sky Residence” is also a large-scale project of the company.


A large real estate development company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.Won No. 1 at TPDA (Top Property Developer Award), which selects the best domestic developer of the year in 2014One of Malaysia's leading developers who has won numerous awards such asSingapore's sovereign wealth fund GIC, which boasts world-class assets under management, highly evaluates the company's development capabilities and brand strength, making it the second largest shareholder, and has a stable financial base.doing.

In the Subang Jaya district on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, we have a track record of developing a large township "Sunway Integrated Resort City" that includes a large water park "Sunway Lagoon", a university, a shopping mall and a hotel. In 2010, the company sponsored SunwayCity-REIT, the largest real estate investment trust (REIT) on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.Quality, development capabilities, brand power, etc. are highly evaluatedWe are developing many properties with high Sunway brand value, starting with “V Residence”.


A prime real estate development company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. We have established a position in the development of the Bangsar area in Kuala Lumpur, and have a track record of working on other large-scale projects in Johor and elsewhere. It also owns large-scale shopping facilities such as Bangsar Shopping Center and Cap Square Retail Center. Specializing in luxury properties,Malaysia's leading luxury condominium "The Troika KLCC” development companyAlso known as


A major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. We have a history of more than 40 years in real estate development and infrastructure construction. The company's affiliated company, Aseana Property, which develops real estate in Malaysia and Vietnam, is also listed on the London Stock Exchange. "Ireka" is located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city.The Westin Hotel KL, the luxury hotel of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, one of the world's largest hotel chains, and the chain's first hotel in Southeast Asia, the Aloft Hotel.We are proud of our many achievements in the development of condominiums, commercial facilities, etc. in Malaysia. In 2017, we opened a hotel management property, a joint venture between Ireka and Aseana Property, in a prime location near KLCC Park and Bukit Bintang.The Luma” is scheduled to be born.

E&O (Eastern & Oriental)

A major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Real estate development, real estate investment, hotel & restaurant management are the core of our business, and we have a lot of development achievements in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.Founded by the Jakey brothers, who opened Raffles Hotel, Singapore's finest hotel, and operates the E&O Hotel (Penang Island), which is characterized by its white colonial architecture.The E&O Group company name is inherited from this hotel.
We have teamed up with Mitsui Fudosan Residential, which also specializes in luxury properties and boasts top-class performance in Japan, to create a luxury condominium,The MuseDeveloped. In addition, on Penang Island, the company's luxury resort condominium "Andaman” is also handled.


A property development company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, engaged in the development and construction of residential and commercial properties, as well as the food and beverage industry.Received an order from the Malaysian government for the development of 10,000 teacher housing units (109 locations in 9 states) and succeeded.Our achievements have earned us a reputation in the country. In recent years, it has become a global company with overseas expansion (Australia). Along the "Puteri Harbor" in Iskandar Puteri District, JohorEncorp Marina"teeth,At the first phase of the local sales event, there was a flood of applications several times the number of sales units, and the units were sold out in about an hour. The second local sales event was almost sold out in a short time.It is a project that is attracting a lot of attention in Malaysia and Singapore.

YNH Property

A real estate development company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Published by Forbes Asia in 2009One of eight Malaysian companies ranked among the 200 Best Listed Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia Pacificis. Specializing in hotel management, the company also handles luxury serviced apartments (furnished luxury apartments with hotel-level services). Fraser's Hospitality, a Singapore-based global chain, and Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur (FPKL) ) as a joint venture.

UEM Sunrise

Listed on the Malaysian stock exchange as a member of the UEM Group, one of the largest real estate investment and development companies in the country, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kazana National, a Malaysian government-affiliated investment company. of leading real estate developers. The company is also famous for its great success in developing the luxury residential area of Mont Kiara, and specializes in the development of luxury condominiums. In addition, we are the master developer of the Iskandar Puteri area, the flagship area of the Iskandar Project in Johor. was made by.

Mah Sing Group

A major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.Top 10 regular at TPDA (Top Property Developer Awards), which selects the best domestic developer of the yearIt has a strong brand power in mid-range to high-end properties, and has won many prestigious awards. As a property of "Mah Sing Group", a mixed-use development "M City” is born.

Tropicana Corporation

A major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. We are engaged in the development of residential, commercial facilities, luxury hotels, and golf courses, mainly in Malaysia, and have a high reputation in the country.In Japan, the company plans to lease the site of the Gimbaru training ground, which was completely returned from Okinawa's Kin town in 2011, for a period of 100 years and build a resort in progress.
Currently, the 5-star luxury hotel "W Hotel" is located on the lower floors in a prime city center location near "KLCC Park" in the center of Kuala Lumpur, overlooking the "Petronas Twin Towers", a skyscraper that symbolizes Malaysia. We are proceeding with the development of the luxury condominium “Tropicana The Residence”. In addition, the company is also working on a large-scale mixed-use development project in Johor Bahru's waterfront development area "Danga Bay" that includes large-scale commercial facilities, five-star hotels, inter-schools, hospitals, etc.

UM Land

Received multiple awards such as "Best Property Single Unit Malaysia" in the Asia-Pacific category of "International Property Awards 2014", which is said to be the most prestigious award in the real estate a major Malaysian developer. In Kuala Lumpur, a large-scale mixed-use development project "Star Residence” is being worked on. Another project of the company is Suasana, a luxury condominium that is being developed in a prime location that can be said to be the heart of Johor Bahru.

Tan & Tan Development

A wholly-owned subsidiary of IGB Corporation, a major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, which has worked on the large-scale mixed-use development area Midvalley City in the capital Kuala Lumpur. It has won the TPDA (Top Property Developer Award), which selects the best developer of the year in Japan for 10 years in a row, and its parent company, IGB Corporation, was ranked in the top 4 in TPDA in 2012. . again,Long-established real estate development company (established in 1971) that built Malaysia's first luxury condominium (completed in 1984) in Kuala Lumpurand has a track record of being involved in the development of Kuala Lumpur's General Hospital "Grain Eagles".

HSB Development

A hospital group called HSC Healthcare is the backbone of the real estate development company.It is also a subsidiary, and has a track record of developing HSC Medical Center, a private general hospital equipped with the latest examination equipment and technology even in Southeast Asia. The condo that the company was working on "Alla Greens” is developing properties that emphasize lifestyle and health, such as providing a service that allows you to check your health status 24 hours a day, in conjunction with the HSC Medical Center.

IOI Properties

We are involved in palm oil plantations, manufacturing and sales, hotels, resorts, etc.A real estate development company of the IOI (listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange) group, the largest conglomerate company in Malaysia, employing more than 30,000 people in more than 10 countries.It is financially sound and well known. We are developing business in a wide range of fields, centered on residential properties such as townships and condominiums, and commercial facilities such as shopping malls and hotels.

Wing Tai Asia

A major real estate developer founded in Hong Kong (1955) and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. We are actively promoting real estate development outside of Singapore, and have formed a corporate entity called Wing Tai Asia. We have listed real estate development companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong under our umbrella, and have a track record of developing real estate such as housing, condominiums, hotels, and serviced apartments in the Asian region over the past 40 years. The properties handled by the company areHe has won numerous awards, including the FIABCI World Architecture Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the real estate industry.It sells high quality products and is popular with wealthy people. The company has also established a joint venture with Uniqlo in Japan to develop the Uniqlo brand in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2013, a luxury condominium "Verticus Residency” has been completed.

Bukit Kiara Properties

A boutique real estate development company specializing in luxury condominiums in the Mont Kiara area. He is also the founder of Sunrise, a major Malaysian real estate developer specializing in luxury condominiums, which has established its position in the development of the Montkiara area (in 2010, UEM, a major government-affiliated real estate developer, took over the company).Mr. Dato' Alan Tong (Montkiara resident), also known as Malaysia's "King of Condos"It is also famous for being run by his son, Mr. NK Tong. It is also the first Malaysian property development company to receive ISO 9001 certification.

MRCB (Malaysian Resources)

Founded in 1969, Malaysian major conglomerate with real estate and construction at its core. in partnership with the governmentIt is responsible for most of the large-scale redevelopment around KL Sentral Station, which is the main station in Kuala Lumpur, like Tokyo Station in Japan.In the redevelopment area, shopping buildings, office buildings, hotels, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums, etc. will be constructed. Occupying a corner "Central Residence” is a high-rise luxury condominium with an urban landscape.

OSK Property Holdings

A real estate development company of OSK Holdings, a major Malaysian securities company. Listed on the Malaysia Stock Exchange.It has won numerous awards related to real estate, and is a major company specializing in the development of luxury residential areas and luxury condominiums.It is also engaged in development plans for commercial facilities and real estate for residential land. A luxury condominium in the KLCC park areaMirage Residence” has been completed.


Malaysia's most influentialCMY Capital Group, an equity investment, hotel, resort and real estate development company founded by renowned investor Chua Ma Yusubsidiary. In 2009, we developed a luxury condominium called "One KL" in a prime location in the KLCC park area, adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers.


MaylandAffiliated to Far East Consortium International, a listed company in Hong Kongis a major developer engaged in the construction of mid-range to high-end condominiums and serviced apartments, mainly in Kuala Lumpur. Far East Consortium International is primarily engaged in property development and hotel management in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. A Japanese company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Agora Hospitality Group (formerly Tokai Kanko), is also a Far East group company.

UOA Group

A major real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Although the head office moved to Malaysia, it was founded in Australia and is an excellent company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1987.Bangsar South is a large-scale mixed-use redevelopment area that the company is working on.

SDB Properties

A wholly owned subsidiary of Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, an emerging real estate development company officially formed in 2004. It specializes in hotels, property management and leasing as well as property development. Founded in 1962, the parent company SDB was a tin mining company, but now focuses on real estate development and the management of boutique urban resort hotels such as Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur. "Park 7" near KLCC Park is the highest grade condo developed by the company.

Berjaya Golf Resort (Berjaya Land Properties)

A real estate development company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. In addition to real estate development and investment, we also manage hotels, resort facilities, and water theme parks. We also have overseas expansion in the UK, Singapore, South Korea, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.In Japan, we are working on the construction of the world's finest hotel brand "Four Seasons Resort & Private Residence Okinawa" on the site of the former Onna communication station in Okinawa Prefecture..

Monday Off Development

in malaysiaA company that has been involved in the supply of building materials for nearly 30 years, and is able to procure high-quality building materials at low prices.I'm doing it. The company's "One Kiara" in Mont Kiara, a high-class residential area popular with foreigners, is a luxury condominium that uses the highest quality construction materials, taking advantage of the company's strengths.

See Hoy Chan Group

Founded in 1938, it is a major real estate developer with over 70 years of history.Pioneer of Petaling Jaya development, successful in numerous developmentsI am letting you. In recent years, we have diversified our business into real estate investment, serviced offices, facility management, parking lot management, security services, interior design, automobile maintenance, insurance, and conference centers.

AM-EL Group

A real estate development group founded in 1982, engaged in real estate development, construction and real estate management.We have a track record of being involved in the Merdeka Square (Independence Square) project in Kuala Lumpur.We are currently working on the development of a luxury boutique condominium, St.John Woods Residence.

APL Development

Subsidiary of Asia Pacific Land (APL), a major Malaysian real estate developer listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. APL has a track record of development in the Klang Valley and Penang, as well as a golf course in Malaysia and a palm oil plantation in Indonesia.APL Development is also involved in condominium development in Niseko, Japan.

Beverly Tower Development

Emerging real estate development company. A high-rise luxury condominium completed in 2007 near KLCC ParkMark Service Residence” jointly with Asian real estate giant Capital Land, we are good at luxury properties.

Eminent Ace

A real estate development company that develops residential and commercial facilities. A luxury condominium in the KLCC park areaRamanceylon” is being developed.

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