TOMORROW is a professional company that provides Japanese-style services regarding Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior decoration, management, and operation. TOMORROW will fully support Malaysian company establishment, operation support, and tax consulting.

A company specializing in Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior design, and management.

Looking for apartments in Malaysia, office rentals, factory rentals, single-living apartments to luxury mansions, we support customers until they are satisfied.

Property Maintenance

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Private Lodging Management

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Appraisal/property sales/rental management support, interior/furniture arrangement

Through our local partners,For customers who own Malaysian real estate, we provide property sales support, rental management support including tenant recruitment, consulting for value improvement, and interior and furniture arrangement.We provide various services such as
After asking about the customer's property information and desired conditions, the experienced staff of Malaysian local partner companies will give advice to increase the closing rate, taking into account the surrounding market price level, popularity trends, preview check results, etc. We will support you generously.

First, e-mail ( or toll-free (+603-2775-9799Please feel free to contact us.

On-site preview/assessment

Upon request,Experienced local Malaysian staff will actually visit the property owned by the customer, and will check the surrounding environment, transportation access, building condition, interior and furniture condition of each room, view from the window, plumbing, etc. in detail. confirmationI will let you.
Not only for pricing, but also for clarifying selling points of properties and identifying missing items.An essential step to find buyers and borrowers on better termsis.

Submission of investigation report, various proposals

Along with the photos taken at the time of the preview, the impressions and check results of the person in charge, the latest data on the surrounding market price, etc.Submit a survey report that presents a reasonable resale price and rentI will let you. In addition, in order to increase the attractiveness of the property and increase the resale price, rent, and contract rate, we may propose cleaning the room, adding or replacing furniture, reworking the interior, etc.

Determination of resale/rental conditions, recruitment of prospective purchasers/tenants, contract/management support

After consulting and confirming the desired resale price and desired rent, after a preparation period,Started recruiting buyers and borrowers in Japan and local marketsTo do.Negotiating with prospective buyers and prospective tenants, contract support including arranging lawyers to prepare contracts, responding to inquiries from tenants, management work such as rent collectionPlease be assured that we will respond on behalf of the property owner.

Tomoro WTO Sdn. Bhd.
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Now Accepting Inquiries!!

We are always waiting for you.

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