TOMORROW is a professional company that provides Japanese-style services regarding Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior decoration, management, and operation. TOMORROW will fully support Malaysian company establishment, operation support, and tax consulting.

A company specializing in Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior design, and management.

Looking for apartments in Malaysia, office rentals, factory rentals, single-living apartments to luxury mansions, we support customers until they are satisfied.


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Cheap unit price per square meter, about 1/3 of the price in central Tokyo

A variety of elements are required in a living space, such as enjoying time with family, concentrating on business, healing the daily fatigue, and entertaining guests. We fully understand our customers, make the most of the property's potential, and create the optimal living space that matches the customer's lifestyle. We propose a total living space that enriches your lifestyle and is suitable for your stage.

Aqua White Home Design Philosophy and Approach
1. Needs – We will not only ask about your budget and superficial requests, but sometimes we will try to understand multifaceted things such as spirituality.

2. Pursuit of Functionality – Based on customer needs, we strive to create an infinitely rich space that takes into account vision, distance, accessibility, functionality, and ergonomics.

3. Aesthetics – We value natural materials such as wood and marble, and specialize in creating timeless and beautiful spaces that harmonize these in a well-balanced manner.

4. Decoration – We propose a total design that revitalizes the space while emphasizing functionality and aesthetics.

We provide total support, from interviews about customer lifestyles and property surveys to concept and design proposals, interior construction, and construction progress reports. We promise to make proposals that match the hobbies, tastes and lifestyles of Japanese people, as well as uncompromising quality. We offer a free basic plan proposal, so please feel free to contact us (some customized plans are charged).

project scheme


Consultation and field survey
Please tell us about your family, life cycle, hobbies, etc. so that we can make suggestions that match your lifestyle.


interior design
From the planning stage, we create an easy-to-use and beautiful space by considering the final furniture layout and curtain style at the same time.


final design
Considering the wardrobe and tableware you have, we will carefully decide even the smallest details according to your individual request.


Construction supervision
Supervision of construction schedule and quality.


After the construction is completed, we will install furniture, lighting, curtains, etc.

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