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Malaysian life experience with GACKT

*Photos by Fany Magazine

Popular downtown star Masatoshi Hamada is back with a renewed version of ``Junior's Holiday with Hama-chan,'' a travel variety show in which he travels around the world with famous teenage entertainers.

In this program, which was first broadcast on Christmas 2023, Hama-chan and his friends visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, along with Gackt Oshiro (GACKT), a famous Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor.

*Photos by Fany Magazine

GACKT, who visited Kuala Lumpur, introduced the members to various sightseeing spots, night markets, recommended local cuisine, and high-end restaurants, etc., which foreign tourists would normally not know how to visit unless they were recommended by locals. (GACKT can also be said to be Malaysian) lol. Also, GACKT invited Hama-chan and the others to his super mansion! I have a truly gorgeous life.

GACKT has lived in Malaysia since 2012 and frequently travels between Japan and Malaysia. I spend most of my work and leisure time in Malaysia. In a 2017 interview, he commented that he spends about 60% of the year in Malaysia and only about 20% of his life in Japan.

*Photos by TV Asahi

Real estate prices in Malaysia are lower than in Japan, and consumption and prices are also low to moderate. Because Japan is a country with many earthquakes. Therefore, housing safety is relatively high, and real estate prices are also relatively high. As a result, more and more Japanese people are choosing to invest in real estate in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a country full of charm and uniqueness, with many fascinating attractions and tourist destinations. There are various restaurants, delicious food, a comfortable climate, excellent infrastructure, a long-term stay visa called MM2H, and English is spoken. Therefore, real estate in Malaysia is one of the businesses with high return on investment.
Are you interested in overseas real estate investment? As Malaysia enters a period of high economic growth, many people are discovering new possibilities in real estate investment.

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