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Tomo's Malaysian KTM trip??

Unlike Japan, trains are not yet developed in Southeast Asian countries, and long-distance travel is often done by car and plane, but this time TOMO traveled by train in Malaysia after a long time. This time, I rode from KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur to ARAU near the border of Malaysia and Thailand.

A train whose official name is ETS (Electric Train Service) opened in 2015 on the entire northern line (from Kuala Lumpur to the border with Thailand). Both regular trains and express trains (ETS Express) are operated on this section.

KTM route map

ETS Express departs KL Sentral station at 9:30am. The train will pass through major cities such as Ipoh, Taiping, Butterworth, and Alor Setar on the way, arriving at Padang Besar at 3:00 pm, taking 5.5 hours.

KL Central Information Counter, in the middle of the first basement floor.
If you tell the KTM ETS window that you have purchased a ticket, you will be issued a ticket. Buy your ticket at the window when your number is called.

All express seats are reserved, divided into general seats and VIP seats, with VIP seats costing 153 ringgit (about 4,000 yen).
If you buy a ticket, you can make a reservation from your mobile phone, so if you show the station staff the reservation screen from your mobile phone, you don't need to print it on paper.

Enter from the ETS ticket gate on the 2nd floor of KL Sentral Station! There is also a KFC nearby, so you can bring it on the train!

After boarding, the staff gave me a set of earphone socks mask. I was a little surprised (laughs).
Because there is a specific price, there is also a specific service (nice)

This time I had the luxury of getting a VIP seat. For the price, it was very quiet with plenty of seats and few passengers.

What surprised me even more!

Free breakfast and lunch were included. I was really surprised!

It's nice to be able to enjoy a meal while leisurely gazing out at the tranquil countryside and beautiful scenery outside the train window.

It's nice to be able to enjoy a meal while leisurely gazing out at the tranquil countryside and beautiful scenery outside the train window.

It's almost time to arrive at ARAU, the 9th station from Kuala Lumpur, the end point of this time. This time it took 5 hours and 10 minutes to travel from KL Sentral to Arau. It was a very enjoyable trip.

I will also look at the situation and introduce tourist spots in North Malaysia.

Reference information


KL Sentral → Padang Besar (EG9208)

station namedeparture time
KL Sentral09:30
Tanjung Malim10:33
Tapah Road11:12
Kuala Kangsar12:13
Parit Buntar13:00
Bukit Mertajam13:15
Bukit Mertajam13:48
Sungai Petani14:09
Alor Star14:35
Anak Bukit14:39
Padang Besar15:10


Padang Besar → KL Sentral (EG9209)

station namedeparture time
Padang Besar16:15
Anak Bukit16:43
Alor Star16:48
Sungai Petani17:14
Bukit Mertajam17:35
Bukit Mertajam18:07
Parit Buntar18:22
Kuala Kangsar19:09
Tapah Road20:08
Tanjung Malim20:44
KL Sentral21:50

● Sightseeing in the city and suburbs as you wish! Recommend charter charter

Tomo can guide you. If you charter a private car,
You can travel around the city and suburbs of Kuala Lumpur more efficiently. Accompanied by a Japanese guide, you don't have to worry about language or changing trains. You can also tell us about hidden spots, and you can enjoy a trip that you can't experience on a tour.

● Golf course

We also offer information and reservation services for golf courses.
There are many golf courses like an urban oasis rich in nature, which is typical of Kuala Lumpur, a tropical country, and there are many Japanese tourists who enjoy golf. We will introduce the ranking of 10 recommended popular golf courses that can be enjoyed within 40 minutes by car from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

① Sungai Long Golf & Country Club
② Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
③ Saujana Golf & Country Club
④ Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club
⑤ Palm Garden Golf Club

⑥ Templar Park Country Club
⑦ TPC Kuala Lumpur (West)
⑧ The Mines Resort & Golf Club
⑨ Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & CC
⑩ Bukit Kemmuning Golf & Country

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