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Eaton Residence

Project Overview
Cost estimation
: -
: Kuala Lumpur
: 3-4 weeks
Date/Year Completed
: 2023
Simple, modern.
Project Information

In Kuala Lumpur, which is reborn with the baptism of Corona, past sightseeing + hotels are changing to # staycations.
Located in the embassy area and one station to TRX, # Eaton Residence is attracted by the twin tower view from the infinity pool on the roof, and we expect that many local and overseas guests will come to stay. # Eaton Residence is suitable for private lodging management (#airbnb).
Considering the diversity of customers, we will adopt a simple and modern style that customers of all attributes like. Maximizing the owner's cost performance is also a point of this design.
The design of the entrance mirror, round-cornered TV stand and coffee table, etc. is born from the experience of operating our private lodging brand, #nanasboutiquesuite, so that guests can use it safely, securely and comfortably.
[Design philosophy]
With a simple modern style base, light wood grain, warm lighting and neutral color combinations create a relaxing atmosphere. From the user's point of view, we also considered the convenience of living, the installation location of each light, and the lighting effect.
Wallpaper is used in all rooms to create a sense of luxury among the nearly 1,000 uniform designs of Malaysian vacation rentals. Beige wallpaper creates a warm atmosphere.
The deep striped wallpaper on the head wall of the bedroom and the wall frame that matches the size of the bed create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

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