TOMORROW is a professional company that provides Japanese-style services regarding Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior decoration, management, and operation. TOMORROW will fully support Malaysian company establishment, operation support, and tax consulting.

A company specializing in Malaysian real estate investment, sales, rental, interior design, and management.

Looking for apartments in Malaysia, office rentals, factory rentals, single-living apartments to luxury mansions, we support customers until they are satisfied.


[Urgent] Notification of full lockdown in Malaysia

The number of new corona infections exceeded 8,000 every day, and Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin announced a statement on the night of the 28th, announcing that a complete lockdown would be implemented again from June 1st. The period is two weeks until June 14th.

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TOMO-chan Tank Standby OK!

TOMO-chan will come to you with just one phone call for air conditioner cleaning, cleaning, plumbing problems, electrical problems, renovations, interiors, and more!

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Tomo's Malaysian KTM trip??

Unlike Japan, railways are not yet developed in Southeast Asian countries, so people often use cars and planes for long-distance travel, but this time TOMO-chan traveled by train in Malaysia after a long absence.

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